Managing your account and users

When you open an account with InterFAX, a user is automatically created and assigned ‘Account Manager’ permissions.
Further users can then be added under the account, each with their own permission settings.

InterFAX Users Screen
In the above screenshot, we can see the ‘Account Manager’ user ‘InterFAX_Test’
and a second user ‘SharedTestUser’ which has been added under the account.

Accounts can be given specific settings and users can be assigned individual services (send faxes, receive faxes) and user options, furthermore documents can be shared between users or groups of users and individual permissions assigned universally or per users, all according to your requirements.

Once logged in as an account manager, there are two sets of additional tabs available, ‘Account Management’ and ‘Account Settings’.

Account Management

The account management menu gives access to the management of users, groups and services, as well as payment details and information.

  • For billing and payment queries, or for help updating your payment Card details, please see the support section here.
  • To manage the users under an account (add users, remove users), please see the support section here.
  • To manage your user services (add a service to a user, close a service), please see the support section here.
  • For more information on groups (creating groups, sharing), please see the support section here.

Account settings

There are a range of options available at an account level, that can be personalised to suit your needs.

InterFAX Account Settings Screen

To get started, log in and expand the ‘Account Settings’ tab within the main menu, where you’ll find the following pages:

  • Company Information
  • Allows account managers to update the contact information held on record by InterFAX.
  • IP Address Access
  • Allows account managers to restrict access to specific IP addresses only.
  • Customized Properties
  • Allows account managers to specify customized properties for the purposes of organizing documents, for more information on customized properties, please see the ‘Organize documents’ support section here.
  • PCI-DSS & Security Control (PCI Inbound Service)
  • Allows account managers to specify advanced security features for PCI inbound documents.
  • Storage Policy
  • Allows account managers to set the document storage period, according to the documents received time.

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